3D Design Fees are calculated based on your project. Architectural Graphics team is also making price calculations for each project over sqm.

3D Animation fees vary, including exterior and interior. apartment size based for indoor animation is indicated after calculating prices. calculation is made for outdoor animation space, depending on the landscape. For more information on 0262 452 26 46 Contact the Mimari Grafik office.

After reaching your project Architectural Graphics team, our team completed the project exploration and investigation. Begin to mold design. Standard 200 - 250 - 400 m² for construction projects delivery time is 1 week. Note: The delivery time may vary depending on the project size or workload.

The amount specified in the Mimari Grafik project team in advance of the contract is 40%. Once the project is finalized makes the entire customer payments. Credit Card is valid.

Design Our Software: 3dsmax, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Render Software's: V-Ray, Iray, Otoy, Animation Software's: Lumio, lumenrt, Graphics Software's: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Video Editor's: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects